Art (printing) paper

Art (printing) paper Art (printing) paper

The structure of components :

Art (printing) paper is also called coated paper. This paper is made by applying a layer of white slurry on the base paper and then calendering it. The surface of the paper is smooth, the whiteness is high, the paper fiber is distributed uniformly, the thickness is uniform, the flexibility is small, and it also has good elasticity, strong water resistance and tensile performance. Its absorption and receiving state of ink is Very good. There are two types of coated paper, light and matte, commonly known as "light copper" and "matte powder." Bright copper printing has bright colors and good color reproduction. The matte printing has a higher grade due to its heavy color.

Gram weight :Commonly used quantities are 128 grams, 157 grams, 200 grams, 250 grams, 300 grams, 350 grams

Functions and uses:

Coated paper is mainly used for printing picture albums, covers, postcards, exquisite product samples, color label tags, packaging boxes and handbags.

Characteristics of paper :

There are coating layers on the front and back, which are glossy and the same on the front and back. The surface is usually treated with laminating and oiling. It usually takes 1-2 days for the product to dry after printing. When printing, the left and right plates can be assembled, and the front and back printing effects are the same. The pressure should not be too large when printing on coated paper, and offset printing resin ink and bright ink should be used. If you want to prevent dirt on the back side, you can use anti-dirt agent, dusting and other methods. There are two types of coated paper: single-sided copper plate and double-sided copper plate. From the surface smoothness, it can be divided into coated paper and matt copper plate (the surface of the matt copper plate is not shiny and has a powdery feeling).


The colors are very bright, the paper absorbs color very well, and the color reproduction is high. It is mostly used for photos, landscapes, and postcards with rich colors. It can be covered with a film, and it feels more hand-feel after being covered. Of course, the paper is original material and it is also very smooth and textured.


The handwriting is not easy to dry, because it is too smooth, so things written with pens and the postmarks and stamper will also be erased immediately. Compared with the same gram of paper, coated paper‘s hardness is in the middle, which is not hard.

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