Air Bubble Film

Air Bubble FilmAir Bubble Film

The structure of components :

Air Bubble Film is also known as air cushion film, air bead film, bubble cloth, bubble paper, bubble film, bubble film, ordinary polyethylene air cushion film, antistatic air cushion film, flame retardant air cushion film, aluminum foil air cushion film, kraft paper bubble film machine , Color printing air cushion film, three-layer air cushion film (single-layer bubble), five-layer air cushion film (double-layer bubble), polypropylene thickened air cushion film, composite pearl cotton air cushion film.

Gram weight :20cm wide, 30cm wide, 40cm wide, 50cm wide, 60cm wide, 70cm wide, 80cm wide and 00cm wide, 120cm wide, 150cm wide, 160cm wide. Various specifications can be customized. 30g-160g/m2

Functions and uses:

It is a kind of anti-pressure, moisture-proof and shock-proof chemical product used for packing and filling. Anti-static air cushion film is used to package electronic components and components, such as boards, cards, etc., which can prevent static electricity and also play a role in buffering and vibration prevention. Aluminized bubble film is generally used for car sun shield and roof insulation.

Characteristics  :

Has good shock absorption, impact resistance, heat sealability, non-toxic, odorless, moisture-proof, corrosion-resistant, good transparency, etc.

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