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About the advantages and disadvantages of folding paper packaging boxes

There are many types of packaging boxes: heaven and earth cover packaging boxes, drawer packaging boxes, book packaging boxes, folding paper packaging boxes, etc. Among them, folding paper packaging boxes should be more extensive, then this kind of folding paper Are quality packaging boxes suitable for all products?

Folding paper packaging box is a flexible thin cardboard packaging box, which is made by printing, die-cutting, creasing, and bonding. The biggest feature is that the folded box can save a large part of storage space and transportation costs when storing and supplying; it is conducive to product promotion when selling and displaying; it is easy to process and low in cost. Knife, die-cutting, creasing, folding, gluing, etc., it is easy to process cardboard into paper packaging boxes of the required shape. The processing cost is much cheaper than those of plastic, metal, and glass, and it can also protect the product, The role of fixed products.


The advantages of folding paper packaging boxes

1. Low cost, strong toughness, and good display effect; 

2. With plastic boxes. Compared with the glued paper packaging box, it occupies a small space, and the cost of storage and transportation is low; 

3. The mechanized production efficiency is high, and it can be automatically opened and closed, filled, folded, sealed, assembled, and pushed; 

4. There are many structural changes, and various novel treatments such as swing extension of the inner wall of the box, curve indentation, and creation can be performed.

Disadvantages: The strength is lower than those of plastic boxes, pasted packaging boxes and other rigid windows, and can only support light items with a weight of 1-2 kg. The size of the box is usually within 200-30m; the texture of the appearance is not high enough, and it is not always made high-end , Valuable gift box.

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