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What are the materials of food packaging bags(1)

Product packaging design requires as much as possible to reduce packaging costs, and to ensure that the packaging is beautiful and generous. As a packaging decoration designer, you must be familiar with and master the resources, performance, price, and processing conditions of various packaging materials. There are many types of packaging materials, each with different characteristics. In terms of physical properties, some are hard, some are soft, some are impermeable and impermeable, some are transparent, some are fragile, etc.; in terms of chemical properties, some are relatively stable, and some are easy to interact with certain substances. There is a chemical reaction; in terms of printing and decoration properties, they are also different.

1. Glass

Glass is one of the most commonly used packaging materials. The main characteristics of glass packaging materials are aesthetics, sanitation, corrosion resistance, low cost, and are inert materials with little environmental pollution. Milk, soft carbonated drinks, wine and jams are generally packaged in glass containers. Glass packaging containers have the following advantages: good chemical stability; good barrier properties, hygiene and storage; generally not deformed; easy to seal with a lid and can be sealed again after opening; easy to beautify; abundant raw materials and low cost. Milk, soft carbonated drinks, wine and jam are generally packaged in glass containers, and some cooking utensils and tableware are also packaged in glass. The disadvantage of glass packaging materials is that they are fragile and bulky. From the perspective of the development of glass packaging materials abroad, glass bottles for food packaging are developing in the direction of improving glass strength and light weight. Lightweight and thin-walled will inevitably affect the strength of glass containers. In addition to reasonable structural design, the solution to this problem is mainly to use chemical and physical strengthening processes, as well as surface coating strengthening methods to improve the physical machinery of the glass. strength. At the same time, it is necessary to improve the performance of glass, especially the recycling of glass packaging products and the modification of its fragile, to reduce the energy consumption and raw material consumption of a single glass packaging container.


2. Plastic packaging materials

It has the characteristics of light weight, convenient use, barrier properties, permeability, heat resistance, cold resistance, corrosion resistance, and colorful and beautiful appearance. Because of its rich source of raw materials, low cost, and excellent performance, it has been widely used in food packaging, and has gradually replaced traditional packaging materials such as glass, metal, and paper, which has greatly changed the appearance of food packaging. It is worth noting that plastic packaging materials have a prominent shortcoming, they are not easily degraded, and incineration will produce toxic gases. Moreover, plastic packaging materials belong to the shortest life cycle of plastic products, generally 1 month to 3 months, and the longest year. After that, most of them become municipal solid waste and enter the garbage disposal system, and some are discarded at will, resulting in "white Pollution". Plastic packaging materials account for the largest proportion of waste, and their pollution to the environment is also the most serious of all types of packaging materials. The current treatment plan is a combination of recycling and development and application of degradable plastics. In addition, due to the defects of plastic products themselves, the overall moisture resistance and barrier properties are not as good as metal and glass containers. Therefore, the existing plastic properties are improved, new varieties are developed, strength and barrier properties are improved, dosages are reduced, repeated use, and sorted recycling. Waiting is very important.

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