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The Triple Realm of Product Packaging Design

Many manufacturers sneered at the packaging design of their products, thinking that it was just a simple package? Will there be so many ways?

In fact, you are wrong. You have never thought about why only one or two products of the same type can take the lead in the market, win the favor of consumers, and most of them are eliminated? This actually has a lot to do with the packaging design of the product.

Making a good packaging design can increase the value of the product several times. If it is just perfunctory and carelessly getting a package, it is likely to make your own product worthless. Today we will talk about the three realms of packaging production design and see which realm your product packaging is in.

The first realm is the entry-level realm called harmony and unity.

If a packaging design cannot even achieve harmony and unity, then there is no need to discuss it. Harmony and unity are only an entry-level realm. If your packaging design can achieve a unified and coordinated logo design, color design, and typographic layout, you can not Produce a sense of violation and make consumers feel comfortable with their hearts. Then this is a basically successful packaging. It can generate greater competitiveness in the market and consumers will pay for it, but this is only the first It's only a realm, and the market he opens is also limited.

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The second realm of packaging design is maverick.

What is most lacking in the new era? Is it lack of content? No, it is lack of creativity.

People are already surrounded by all kinds of overwhelming information. The content is too much, but the creativity is pitiful. If a product wants to soar into the sky and become a blockbuster, it must be made. One's own creativity must be independent and unconventional. You must not plagiarize other successful cases. You must have your own company's cultural characteristics and product concepts. Only when such products are brought to the market will consumers pay for you and let everyone Consumers of all kinds are amazed and even become loyal to the brand.

But creativity always has a time limit, and it is impossible for an idea to be fashionable forever, so packaging design has the last ultimate state, that is, cultural creation.

Only packaging in this state is the last guarantee that truly makes this brand stand out in the market. Because what consumers buy is culture. If a brand can shape the culture, then such a brand can undoubtedly sweep the market. As long as these things can be completely presented to consumers, why not worry about your products not being able to occupy the market?

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