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Scientific common sense about masks(3)

Can protective masks be washed? Can it be disinfected?

3M particulate protective masks (sometimes called disposable masks) cannot be used after cleaning and disinfection, because the cleaning and disinfection methods usually lead to reduced filtration efficiency, deformation of the mask, or aging of the headband components, and sometimes there are disinfectant residues,Posing a threat to the wearer.

The replaceable respirator mask uses an airtight rubber or plastic mask body with replaceable filter elements. This type of mask can be cleaned or disinfected according to the product instructions, but do not clean the filter element.


What is the difference between masks used by children and adults?

There are differences, children are not recommended to use adult masks. To help ensure protection, the protective mask must fit well with the wearer's face. Adult protective masks are not specifically designed and produced for use by children, and whether they can be used by children has not been evaluated. If the child's face is small or the face shape does not match the mask, the mask may not fully fit the face, causing particles such as viruses and haze to leak from the edge of the mask, and the protective effect cannot be ensured.

Parents of children should be fully aware of the risks when choosing protective masks for their children.

These risks include but are not limited to:

a.Many children may not be able to grasp the correct method of using respiratory protective equipment;

b.Some children may feel unwell. Cannot stop using it voluntarily;

c.Protective masks have some performance characteristics, requiring the wearer to read and correctly understand all instructions before using it, and wear it correctly with the help of parents.

Are masks that claim to kill bacteria more protective?

It's not. There are two main factors to judge the respiratory protection effect of a mask on pathogenic microorganisms in the air. One is its filtration efficiency for particulate matter, and the other is the degree of closeness between the mask and the face of the mask wearer. Although some products claim that the mask material will kill bacteria on the mask, this sterilization effect is not effective on the bacteria that penetrates the mask and leaks from the seal, so it does not improve the overall effect of respiratory protection.

Are sterilized protective masks more protective?

It's not. Sterilized mask means that there is no bacteria on the new unopened mask. But humans are the carriers of bacteria. There are bacteria on our skin, nasal cavity and oral cavity. Once the mask is worn on the face, the mask is contaminated with bacteria. Therefore, sterilized masks only mean that they are clean, and do not mean that their protective performance has been improved. Therefore, my country's medical mask product standards do not require product sterilization, only that the total number of specific pathogenic bacteria, bacteria and fungal colonies should not exceed the standard.


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