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Personalized product packaging design

Personalized packaging design reflects uniqueness and timeliness. Novelty, originality and affinity are the main manifestations of personalized packaging. The personalized product packaging design highlights the product characteristics and conveys the corporate cultural connotation through a unique form of artistic expression.

In addition to the essential function of conveying product information, the font itself can also be used as a design element to combine images to express rich emotions, and enhance consumers' reputation, recognizability and visual impact of the product.

Personalized packaging fonts mainly include calligraphic fonts, seal art fonts, art fonts and foreign fonts. The use of each font is determined by the information to be conveyed by the product and the corporate culture background. For example: the calligraphy font itself has a rich cultural heritage, and at the same time it is full of strong personal emotions. It is not restricted by any form. It can increase the artistic taste of the packaging and give the goods a deep cultural connotation.

Graphic design occupies a large area in packaging design and has strong functionality, which can directly attract consumers' attention and make people generate rich associations. In particular, exaggerated, humorous, and humorous graphic design can vividly express a relaxed and happy atmosphere, prompting consumers to quickly understand product information with a happy mood.

Exaggerated graphic design is a common method of personalized graphic design. Usually, the main elements of the screen are enlarged or reduced, the main features of the product are emphasized, the visual impact and interest of the graphics are enhanced, and consumers are infinite reverie. Eventually achieve the true purpose of personalized packaging design.

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Layout design is to rationally arrange and layout text and text, text and graphics in packaging design. The styles of the layout are becoming more and more diversified, and products with different functions require different layout designs. For example: some factory supplies, laboratory supplies, and safety supplies are more important to give people a sense of precision and rigor, so the layout changes less, generally simple horizontal and vertical arrangements, between text and text, text and graphics The location is neat.

On the contrary, fashion products adopt uneven symmetry, overlapping and combining with each other, and free layout, highlighting the sense of movement and fashion. The personalized design of the layout is a good combination of text and text, text and graphics to form a harmonious package.

In the packaging design of goods, color is the factor that has the greatest impact on visual impact. When people observe objects, color affects about 80% of people's attention. At the same time, color can give people a deep and lasting color memory. Therefore, color can be used as a visual symbol to reflect the brand characteristics of commodity packaging and make consumers produce brand memories.

The personalized design of color is an important part of many sales brands in determining product packaging and promotion. The role of color is far greater than satisfying the beauty of packaging design, and more importantly, it can promote product sales.

In today's marketization, the personalized design of container structure is an important factor for products to stand out in market competition and an important means to enhance brand image. Different container structure shapes can produce different visual effects, and meet the requirements of multi-level products and consumer needs.

Simulation modeling is the most commonly used modeling technique for modern household daily necessities packaging, cosmetic packaging, food packaging, etc. The original traditional cylinder or cuboid is replaced with animal modeling, plant modeling, or cartoon modeling, which makes the packaging design more vivid and humorous .

Personalized product packaging is an indirect sales method, which reflects the quality of the product and corporate culture through creative font graphics, layout, color, and container structure. Consumers can trust and understand the product through externally personalized, creative, and quality packaging, and position the product at a valuable and tasteful level, which naturally increases the added value of the product.

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