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Packaging design of plant elements(2)

"Orangeri" is a chocolate brand reconstruction project jointly developed by the pearl divers design studio and "Huajian". "Huajian" believes that the existing chocolate products lack distinctive gift features, so it hopes to reintegrate the design of the chocolate brand and inject new vitality. The "Orange Garden" chocolate packaging box is a white square, which easily reminds people of the mosaic floor in the orange orchard. The middle of the white chocolate shell is carved with an "O" shape in a hollowed-out way. The retro expression evokes people In the traditional nostalgic mood, under the hollowed-out box is an illustration printed with a retro orange tree graphic. The illustration at the bottom can also be seen through the hollowed-out white shell. The exquisite layered design brings a high-level texture. The process of opening the chocolate box seems to be walking into the world of orange groves, and immediately switches to the quiet and comfortable manor mode, allowing consumers to have a good time in intimate contact with the fruity world. This chocolate product won the Gold Award of the Creative Circle Award 2018 .

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Another plant-inspired design case "Seedlip" is a non-alcoholic beverage brand designed by the pearl platter design studio. When the designer establishes the image of the product, he hopes that people can recognize that this drink is non-alcoholic when they see it. The brand name "Seed Lip" gives consumers unlimited imagination: drinking this non-alcoholic beverage is like kissing the seeds of plants. Seeds symbolize green, life, health and nature, and these symbolic connotations are precisely in line with the inner needs of people who do not love alcoholic beverages. The packaging design on this non-alcoholic beverage selects different plants to form fox, rabbit, and squirrel graphics. These three graphics are all evolved from the capital letter "S", representing pine nuts, vanilla, and citrus. Different flavors. "Seed Lip" is the first brand of its kind, and it won the Cannes Lions Nomination Award, Pentawards Bronze Award and Dieline Awards Non-Alcoholic Beverage Bronze Award.

"Kiss My"  is a Belgian brand of absinthe. Pearl pickers also participated in the brand identity and packaging design of this wine. The two brothers, founder of the brand, Dirkhof, have lived on the family farm since they were young and have a deep affection for farm life. They took inspiration from the recipes of agricultural products used by their grandparents, and developed and brewed this new type of absinthe by redesigning and perfecting the brewing formula of absinthe. The raw materials for brewing come from natural farms in Belgium, so the core of this product is "natural extraction from farms". There are three flavors of absinthe: rhubarb, blackberry, and nuts. The packaging illustrations on the bottle are designed with rich plant, hand and bird patterns. The packaging illustration designs corresponding to the three flavors try to express the taste of absinthe through visual images. The plant patterns on the outside of the package are exquisite and elegant, classical and modern, and leave a deep impression. The designer mirrored the two letters "s" of "Kiss" in "Kiss My" in the packaging design, aiming to highlight the rebellious spirit of the product.

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