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Packaging design must adhere to moderation

Moderation is an important yardstick that should be followed in modern design, the degree of "production" of good products, and the degree of "use" of good packaging. The concept of appropriate packaging design requires designers to refuse to use excessively decorative and kitsch packaging in product packaging, and to find packaging materials, shapes and structures that meet the characteristics of the product.

In packaging design, the concept of appropriate design emphasizes the need to start from the characteristics and needs of the product, so that consumers can obtain the best purchase experience according to the packaging details in the design, thereby completing the humanized packaging design.

The elements of packaging design mainly refer to the basic visual elements such as packaging shape, color, text, graphics, etc. These basic elements usually attract the attention of consumers, which is equivalent to silent and powerful publicity, and are a very important part of the product.


Appropriate design of product packaging. The shape of packaging refers to the form of packaging, which mainly includes inner packaging and outer packaging. The shape and size of the inner packaging and outer packaging are designed according to specific products. One of the most important functions of packaging is to protect products.

Designers should pay more attention to internal and external packaging, design them appropriately, and can not deceive or cause misunderstanding of consumers, design and produce product packaging with both aesthetics and convenience, and bring a larger consumer market for products.

②Appropriate design of product packaging color. Precise packaging colors can directly impact consumers' visual nerves. Beautiful and consistent product colors can not only attract consumers' attention on the shelves, but also enhance the competitiveness of products and bring huge profits to enterprises. The color of the packaging should faithfully reflect the product and bring consumers visual aesthetic enjoyment.

③ Appropriate design of product packaging text. There are two main types of text design for product packaging: one is descriptive text and the other is promotional text. Descriptive text is mainly used to explain product information and other precautions to consumers; promotional text is mainly used to advertise products and play a role in expanding influence.

Appropriate text design is not a simple simplification, but a sense of interest and humor while pursuing simple text. Under a moderate design concept, designers should combine and redesign fonts and other elements to maximize the block and layering of the packaging, so that the fonts on the packaging are concise and orderly, and the visual effects are rich but not Complexity brings visual impact to consumers.

④ Appropriate design of product packaging graphics. Graphic elements are a powerful weapon to attract consumers' attention in product packaging, and can arouse visual stimulation in an instant. According to relevant studies, the purer and simpler the graphics of the product packaging, the more prominent and more infectious.


This design method is not simple graphic subtraction and pure natural graphic drawing, but a moderate graphic decoration formed according to the product characteristics based on the investigation of product demand and consumer cognitive psychology, which can allow consumers to package graphics Feel the attractiveness of the product. You can use a hand-painted form to depict the product situation on the package, so that consumers can quickly obtain the product information they need based on the graphics.

When choosing packaging materials, designers must not only conform to the overall beauty of the product shape, but also save costs. At the time of advocating environmental protection, the environmental protection and recycling of materials are very important. Although exquisite packaging materials are needed by the market, convenient and practical packaging materials are also indispensable in life.

Under the guidance of the concept of green and sustainable development, designers should carry out appropriate packaging design, which can reduce costs and protect the environment, thereby helping consumers to establish correct consumption concepts. Designers must fully understand the existing materials, save costs on the basis of innovative materials, and enhance the competitiveness of products in the market.

When designing product packaging, some designers only grasped a certain detail and ignored other design techniques. This invisibly caused the one-sidedness of the packaging function design, and caused the improper or even lack of packaging function. An approach that focuses on appearance without considering the nature of the product.

One of the most basic functions of packaging is to protect the goods. However, some designers simply pursue the visual artistic effects of packaging, and use consumers' psychology of seeking strangeness and difference, which causes the packaging to lose its scientific functional design. Excellent packaging design must find a balance between science and art. Designers must master the appropriateness of packaging design and achieve the perfect unity of practicality, economy, beauty, science and innovation.

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