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Four precautions for packaging box design!

The packaging box can be said to be the outerwear of the product. The exquisite packaging box design can increase the value of the product to a certain extent, increase the sales of the product, and bring more economic benefits to the enterprise. So, what are the precautions for packaging box design?

1. Safety protection

Any product puts safety in the first place, so when designing the packaging box, we must fully consider the safety protection effect of the product, and consider the product in transportation, storage, exhibition, and carrying. Safety and practical issues in the process. Different gift packaging boxes require different packaging materials. The choice of packaging materials should be determined in conjunction with the attributes of the gift. At the same time, attention should be paid to the moisture resistance, vibration resistance, pressure resistance and leakage resistance of the gift. Make sure that the gift is intact under any circumstances.

2. Promotion function

The packaging box design must have a promotional function, so as to have a better marketing effect on the product. Successful packaging box design can attract consumers' attention in the first time among many products and stimulate consumers' desire to buy. At the same time, packaging box design should also fully display the content of the gift, and minimize customers' attention to the products in the box. So many businesses now choose transparent packaging boxes, which can meet the diverse needs of consumers.


3. Environmental protection 

The design of packaging boxes must pay attention to environmental protection, especially gift packaging. In the design process, not only the aesthetics and practicality of the packaging box must be considered, but also the environmental protection of the packaging box. In the exquisite packaging box, if it is harmful to the body or pollutes the environment, it will not be selected by consumers in the end, nor will it occupy more advantages in the market.

4. Humanization

Excellent packaging box design should be humanized, and you should be accustomed to the storage and transportation of gifts, as well as customers' carrying and opening. When designing the packaging box, pay attention to the reasonable structure of the packaging box, the rigorous structure, the exquisite packaging and shape, and the rhythm and rhythm of the packaging box. It is best to make the packaging box structure fully functional and exquisite and beautiful. Suitable for production and sale, and more suitable for consumers to carry and use. Especially for those gift boxes, we should pay more attention to these. At present, the most common packaging boxes are designed in portable, hanging, open, and closed forms.

In addition, the packaging box design should also have a sense of art. The packaging box design with high artistic value can attract the attention of consumers more, can bring more beauty to consumers, and be favored by consumers. Of course, the exquisite packaging box design should not only pay attention to the beautiful appearance, but also the content and highlight the characteristics of the gift.

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