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5 trends in the development of packaging cartons

5 trends in the development of packaging cartons

The key to folding carton products from food to edible food boxes and medicine packaging is the global packaging market. The driving force of this rapid socio-economic growth method is mainly derived from the research on the demand information of health service companies'products and cigarettes, dry foods and frozen/refrigerated foods, and continuous innovation and growth, especially in emerging market economies. Under the circumstances, the analysis of demand issues in different regions of developed countries may be slightly moderate. The following market economy research analysis report highlights five important trends that promote the development of carton packaging companies.

1. Migration barriers

With the awareness of recycled newsprint in mineral oil, the potential threat to consumers' health and the contamination of food packaging jams caused by migration has attracted people's attention. In June 2012, the British Food Standards Agency announced that for the nation's development as a scanner for detecting chemical analysis, it does not intend to migrate from the outer surface to the inner surface of the food safety packaged food business, including substances mainly used for printing inks. As a result, the development of migration barriers has proliferated, hindering the migration of known and unknown substances that may be harmful to consumers.

2. Streamline

In order to reduce costs, the drive needs to arouse the desire of brand owners to promote positively and continuously strive to reduce the packaging volume of their products. The trend of smaller packaging to reduce the volume of enterprise product packaging has been offset by the simultaneous development of single-portion packaging in the research field of user information management by many terminals. Less packaging materials tend to consume more than their replacement batches increase the overall packaging volume. For the development of single-service packaging, the development of single-service packaging is driven by the following two factors. The demand caused by the difference at home is increasing. The time to eat Chinese consumers is increasing in single-person households and businesses. Demand for these trends More than half of the new prepared foods were launched in the UK in 2012 in a single package. In order to make the product unique in the increasingly crowded market, the requirements for brand owners of converters and printers have become more and more demanding. The ever-increasing economic requirements for packaging and accessories, such as two-dimensional codes, holographic images, Fresnel lenses and other 3D devices, have promoted the development of traditional packaging for teaching design and printing enterprise information technology.

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3. Single serving small package

Smaller packages to reduce packaging volume and trends are offset by many end users in the field of single package synchronization measures. Smaller packaging designs often need to consume more materials so that the total packaging materials can be increased. The demand for single-person packaging is driven by two factors: due to the different feeding times of family members, the increase in the number of single-person households and the increase in consumer demand. These trends make the prepared food more than half of a single package.

4. Printing technology

In order to differentiate products of companies that manipulate behavior in an increasingly crowded market, the company's brand owners, we are increasingly demanding converters and printers. In the accessory packaging, two-dimensional codes, holograms and other packaging requirements are continuously improved to promote the development of packaging design and printing technology.

5. Smart packaging

The development of printed electronics has promoted the development of our artificial intelligence product packaging in China. Through our own continuous reduction of the high cost associated with the analysis of this technology, smart packaging design is more economical. Driven by demand, and with the increase in disposable income management and strict regulations, the demand for smart packaging continues to increase. With the continuous innovation and development of this field, its influence on the packaging design market is inevitable.

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